The “Environment & Spot Productions”

Spot Productions not only strives to be a leading printing company and provider of services to the broader advertising and design market. We also pride ourselves on being good guys in the global arena. In partnership with our suppliers, manufacturers, clients, and employees, we have worked hard to find sustainable resources and more efficient technology, developed new processes and procedures, participated in a variety of environmental initiatives, promoted and supported sustainability in the advertising /Design and printing industry.

INKS Spot Productions seeks to use “Vegetable oil based ink”, this reduces or eliminates mineral oils in inks reducing VOC (volatile organic compounds) emissions that can damage the environment, our community and our planet. While using vegetable oil–based inks for printing we are naturally lowering the VOCs which are non-toxic and produce fewer emissions that cause air pollution. On an ongoing basis, we review all processes to reduce or eliminate products that are proven to be environmentally unsafe or unhealthy for all involved.

PAPER Spot Productions is committed to best practice when any purchase of paper is made – we source recycled / part recycled / recyclable and sustainable forest product as a first choice to compliment our commitment to the environment.

WASTE & RECYCLING We also recognise the importance of responsibly managing our waste / recycling. We recycled paper, aluminum printing plates, plastic wrap and boards for more than 11 years now. Employees support our sustainability mission through their efforts to recycle aluminum cans, plastic bottles, office paper etc – from grassroots thinking through professional and personal life alike.

COMMITMENT Spot Productions endeavours to source all sustainable products where available when undertaking print production. This is with the view to never compromising our quality and service to our very diverse clientele and their ever changing needs along with environmental requirements/ recommendations.

Spot is working towards full accreditation across all areas of production quality and sustainability to ensure longevity for all key stakeholders.

COMMUNICATION Spot Productions encourages correspondence with internal and external stakeholders about on-going company sustainability efforts. Regular communication is available on request.